Saturday, 1 November 2014

I'm at Hello Beautiful

I'm at 'Hello Beautiful' this is a event especially for Toddledoos, to make them look and feel beautiful!

There are limited edition skins, shapes, skins, face paints and some super cute nails, even though I might be slightly biased cause my little sissy has some for sale there, her shop is called awwdorable so be sure to take a look!
There are even skins and face paints for boys so they don't feel left out either!

There are some wonderful items for sale and it's a brand new event, so make sure you check it out and give it lots of support, after all new events are always welcome!

Friday, 17 October 2014

I'm taking a sneaky peek at a new gatcha event

Firstly let me yet again apologize for my absence, RL has a habit of kidnapping me at the shall try and keep this a little bit more updated!

Today I'm giving you a sneaky peek of a new Gatcha event that I've come across for kids and toddledoos. It's called 'Tricky Treats' and it officially opens on the 19th October at Midnight SLT and closes on the 4th November at Midnight SLT.

From what I could see there are some Gatchas from as low as 25L so be sure to check those out, I took some pictures but the sim had no entry lines on it so I couldn't get very close!

Looks very spooky doesn't it, you might want to take a grown-up with you so you don't get scared!!

Monday, 15 September 2014

I'm at Prim River National Park!

My seventh location is the Prim River National Park!

Now in RL i'm not an outdoorsy person at all, not a fan of wasps, bees...camping anything like that, but this place is a lovely place to explore as a family, I spent so much time here just wandering around and enjoying the scenery.

There is a map at the landing point that tells you all of the wonderful things you can do, plus there is also the chance for you to rent a cabin if you wish to stay for a holiday. There are also a number of picnic places around the park.

Just some of the activities you can do here in the park are rock climbing, horse riding or you could just chill and watch a movie!

Just look at that view!!

If you want to go explore the LM is below....please go check it out!

Friday, 5 September 2014

I'm at Heritage Adoptions

My fifth location is the wonderful heritage adoption and kids wonderland!

I think everyone who is looking for a family in SL will know about heritage adoption, it's a wonderful place that not only has adoption panels, there are lots of lovely places for Kid avies to explore as well! It's always quite busy so be prepared to wait a little while to let everything load!

This is the main building at heritage where all the adoption panels can be found and there are tons of different panels here. There are parent, child, siblings, teens, godparents, pets and even a space for adults who are looking for parents. They all start at $1L and my baby sissy Kaci told me that our Grandma helps out here as a mentor so if you see Mena be sure to say hello from me :D

There is also a freebie building which is great for those just starting out as a Kid Avie, there are shapes, clothes and toys up for grabs so be sure to check it out!!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm at Route 66!

Firstly like to apologise for my lack of posts, RL has been super busy and makes me lose my lovely SL time but onto the post!!

My fourth location is Route 66!

This is a fairly new event I believe for kid avatars, it's another monthly event and it's taking on a similar theme to the Collab88 event that is mostly for adults, although I have seen a few good things for kids there!

Everything ranges in price, but it all has 66 in there somewhere so could be 66L or 6,666L, although I don't think there was anything for that price there hehehe!

It's very new so still quite a small event, but some lovely clothes and toys there so be sure to check it out!!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I'm at 'The Courtyard'

My third location is 'The Courtyard'

This is a wonderful place and relatively new place for kids to hang out!!

This is the main building of the courtyard but there are lots of other wonderful areas, such as a cafe, tennis courts, swimming pool, gaming area, gatcha fairs sale area & some shops!

At the courtyard, there is also a Brownie group which myself and my trial baby sister are part of, they meet on a Monday at 1pm and Friday's at 6pm slt. There has just been the very first Brownie camp...unfortunately due to RL work I was unable to attend but baby sissy went and she said it was I will certainly be going to the next one if I can!

There is also a movie club, cheer-leading club and games club...but they are always looking for new people and new clubs...I believe a pony club & football club (soccer) are currently in the works so if you are a grown-up and have an idea for a club get in touch with the lovely Miss Libby Farleigh in world!

There is a monthly fee of $250L but then you are able to go to as many of the clubs as you wish, please do check it out!!

The fab swimming pool area!

This is where the brownies meet, around a great camp fire with brownie promise up on the trees!

The LM so grab a taxi and get down to the courtyard!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Today i'm at the Woodland treasures gatcha event!

My second location is 'Woodland treasures gatcha event'
It's another monthly event, that opens on the 1st of every month with some wonderful items to buy!

I'm not sure if there is a monthly theme, however this month there seems to be quite a mixture of fairy tale items, such as mermaids and princess and also a lot of nerdy items such as game boys and nerd t-shirts!

The Gatchas range in price, at this months event (August) the Gatchas ranged from 35L to 75L for each try :D

My trial Mummy and baby sister Kaci went along and oh my goodness me did we get spolit, thank you so much Mummy for all our wonderful pressies and we even managed to get some rares.

Although I think we'd all agree and say that this was our most favourite thing even though it cost Mummy far too many $L's trying to get it!

It's a beautiful display case with 8 Disney themed music boxes, they all play iconic tunes from the Disney movies they represent (Beauty and the Beast, Frozen (which are the rare ones), Dumbo, Cinderella, The Little mermaid, Snow White, Toy Story and Tangled) from the NACH Gatcha which was 50L a go!

Some of the Gatchas are just for Toddledoo Avie's but there are some just for big kids too!

So go check it out for you are too late for this month's event!!